Spirit of Indecisiveness Meditation | Guided Sleep Meditation

This meditation is for decision making challenges. Key Affirmations: I listen to my mind, but I also listen to my heart.  I am intentional with my decisions. I am...

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A Meditation for Imposter Syndrome | Guided Sleep Meditation

A meditation for imposter syndrome in this new season of transition and transformation. Asé. ___ 🎤 Wanna Collab? – ⁠⁠@TsipporahTheExplorer⁠⁠ 🎥 Subscribe on ⁠⁠Youtube⁠⁠ for more sleep meditations. Never...

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I Acknowledge my Worries, Fears, and Concerns | A Sleep Meditation

A sleep meditation to help you process and lay your worries, fears, and concerns to rest. Asé. ___ 🎤 Wanna Collab? – ⁠@TsipporahTheExplorer⁠ 🎥 Subscribe on ⁠Youtube⁠ for more...

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