Permission to Accept Reality💜

In this meditation, we will allow ourselves perssion to accept ourselves and the hard reality of life. Suppression of the true self is no longer required. Acknowledging that we...

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Your Opinion Matters, and Mine Does TOO! ✨

This meditation is about the importance of recognizing and respecting your own thoughts and opinions, even when they differ from others. It can be challenging to distinguish your own...

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Back to School Meditation (2022 Revisted)

This meditation is for those of us transitioning babck to school, work, or back into the office.  Asé. Join our FB Messenger group: https://tinyurl.com/soulsistassleep-fb-group Sponsor: Sleephones - https://www.sleepphones.com/?aff=704 ___ 🎤 Wanna C...

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